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Built for community


A private room in a well appointed apartment, shared

 with room mates who become your community.


We provide the space, you and your room mates

 create the home. 


Our vision is to build thriving and collaborative bespoke student co-living residences, offering more than just home, offering a community for life.



Redefining the Way 
Students Live

Relocating to a new city means uprooting your life, which can be hard and 

feel lonely.

You wont feel like you're on your own when you join the Studentology. 

Community where people are everything.


We set up your accommodation so that you have the benefit of your own private

 space,and the comfort of roommates to keep you company.


Studentology makes it easy to have friends outside of lectures, and provides 

you a fun community of people to hang out with.



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